HOW TO – Restore a coffee grinder

Here's a good "instructable" on restoring an old coffee grinder. Like the Maker in the how to, I don't like the electric ones, mostly because they seem to never work well, break, or somehow get lost every year. Next time I spot an old one at a yard sale, I'm... Read more »

The 1 hour “marker” clock

This is a really clever clock, you pop it on a wall or whiteboard, add a marker and it marks out time on the wall, I think this would be a fun project to build. From the site - "Are you the sort of person who projects to those around... Read more »

Homemade motorcycle

Here's an incredible Mad Max style motorcycle made from all sorts of parts from more things than I can identify. There are a few close up photos as well as the bike in action with what I'm guessing is the maker triumphantly motoring along. [via] Link. Read more »