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Marine life videos from Gulf Specimen

Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory supplies aquariums and scientific institutions with living marine specimens (not to individuals, sorry). Their site has a lot of information on jellyfish, corals, starfish, all sorts of marine life. Look around for links to YouTube videos, like this one of an octopus egg hatching and an... Read more »

MAKE Flickr pool weekly roundup

From the MAKE Flickr photo pool Pinewood derby party [above, top-right] DIY tipi tent! [above, bottom-left] Z59 – Incredible homebuilt car! [above, bottom-right] HOW TO – use Arduino as a high voltage programmer [above, top-left] Message Pump – USB to LCD adapter Coil in a can … Microwave oven (case)... Read more »

DIY Planet of the Apes tunic

Steve is making an awesome Planet of the Apes tunic… I started working on the costume shortly after last Halloween, by making a paper pattern, but I set the project aside for the following 9 months or so. But with Halloween creeping up, I thought that I’d better haul it... Read more »

Car plays music on cut up vinyl records

Another record project! Sound Chaser by Yuri Suzuki with Yaroslav Tencer (more photos here). A train-style record player. Users connect the chipped pieces of records together to make new tracks. The records pieces are from cheap records bought at jumble sales or used record shops. This record player revives forgotten,... Read more »

Artwork crackles with patchbay architecture

The “Crackle Canvas” by Tom Verbruggen is a series of circuit bent canvas devices that when patched together with 1/8th inch audio cables produce sounds that can be manipulated in a live performance. Check out the video for the full effect of this installation. Tom Verbruggen YT Channel via Network... Read more »