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This week’s theme for Maker Camp is “Create the Future” and we’ll explore that notion today as we talk LED and DIY holograms.

Joining us will be very special guest Mary Lou Jepsen, head of the Display Division at Google X Lab and founder of Pixel Qi. Mary Lou will talk about holograms and light and some of the projects she’s working on.

Mary Lou is particularly interested in how we use and see computer and tablet screens. She gave a fascinating talk in which she presented data that show the same parts of a brain are engaged when we see an image as when we imagine those images — and those mental images can be mapped. Are mind-reading machines in our future? Mary Lou would know.

Here’s the video. “Imaging the Mind’s Eye:”

Meanwhile, today’s project will be a simple-to-build wind-triggered lantern.

Tune in right here on Google+ at 11am PDT and post a project of your own on the Maker Camp community page on Google+.

Stett Holbrook

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