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  • Old pallet (1)


  • Reciprocating saw
  • Surface planer
  • Table saw
  • Bandsaw
  • Air nailer

Jimmy’s Notes:

Lately I’m noticing more and more people liking the idea of “rustic” wood being used in all applications. A popular product being repurposed over and over for the old wood is the pallet! There are many videos online with great ideas.

In this video I use a pallet to make an old school toolbox with some simple joinery. I keep the look and style rustic in keeping with the texture of the wood.

I avoid pulling or prying the old pallets apart. I find cutting the nails using a reciprocating saw avoids cracking and breaking the wood. I use a surface planer to make all the boards clean and also to make them the same thickness. Enjoy!

In each bi-monthly episode of DiResta (every other Wednesday at 2pm PT), artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty MoneyHammeredAgainst the GrainTrash for Cash) lets us into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy. On this episode of DiResta, Jimmy uses simple joinery to repurpose a pallet into an old school toolbox.

Jimmy DiResta

I make stuff.



    1. SG says:

      Spam makes me sad :(

  1. Sherry Huss says:

    Go Jimmy – great project to start off 2014! And who can’t use a pallet tool box!

  2. kurtroedeger says:

    You forgot to spray paint your name on the side of it.

  3. I just love watching Jimmy’s projects come together.
    What was the tool he used that looked a little like a table saw, only the blade could slide forward towards the piece being cut? He starts using it at about 3:35 into the video.

    1. Nevermind that question. I just watched another Diresta video and can see he uses a big box jig sitting on top of his table saw. The close up in this video made it look like the saw blade was sliding, but in fact the box jig holding the piece to be cut is sliding instead.

      1. Jon says:

        Google “table saw miter sled”.

  4. tools says:

    Did anyone count the number of electric tools he used? (To make a box for his hand-driven tools…)

  5. AH says:

    I’ve moved past wood toolboxes to plastic, which are lighter, more versatile, and less susceptible to damage. I could see the time investment in prepping old nail-ridden wood to make something artsy.