For his daughter’s third birthday “DIYDad” decided to build her a bed in the shape of a VW bus, based loosely on the classic “type 2” model. (If you’re wondering, the birthday girl was not made to sleep outside, as the image above might imply; rather, the bus was used for kids to play in during her party.)

The idea, DIYDad explains on his website, was born out of the fact his now 6-year-old had outgrown her crib — and that he had scored an assortment of free VW Beetle parts via Craigslist. For the sake of frugality, the “bus” was constructed around a metal frame bunk bed, also from Craigslist. And given the chance that the three-year-old in question wouldn’t like this type of bed, the possibility of making it into something else in the future was an added benefit.

Besides a great paint job — and a kid-sized hammock hung inside — I thought the curved front “bumper box” was a nice touch. Many screws allow a thin piece of plywood to be bent around into a curved surface. It looks good, and this technique will be something I’ll have to keep in the back of my mind for future builds!

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Additional photos of the build can be seen here.