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Rob Bell and Patricia Algara describe their Zome as a “sort of hybridized structure; part geodesic dome, part jewel, and part yurt.” Read more »


Sanjeev Shankar hopes to raise the profile of sustainability and to redefine repurposing with his grand project reusing old oilcans. Read more »


Sculptor Michelle Stitzlein's series of 14 moths combines her bold sensibilities with a grounding in recycled goods. Read more »


Commissioned to create an environmental installation for the 2007 Citysol festival, Jasmine Zimmerman used hundreds of plastic bottles to create a functional greenhouse. Read more »

Tom Luczycki set out to build an exhibit to delight children and remind adults of the one device they always wanted to build. Read more »

Electronics design engineer David Jones goals were to make a scientific calculator watch that was good-looking and practical, and could be assembled from off-the-shelf parts. Read more »

Laurier Rochon and Marc Beaulieu built a web-enabled deodorant docking station as a whimsical critique of social networking sites and their related privacy issues. Read more »