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Chris Connors

Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.

Latest from Chris Connors

A little while ago, the utility gods smiled upon my house, renewing the electricity, telephone and internet. Hurricane Irene provided many people an opportunity to examine our cultural commitment to the systems of technology. We were without these modern amenities for about 48 hours, long enough to regain a healthy... Read more »

Earlier this summer, Brett was working on a nifty 3 LED and 2 AAA battery holder design at the Boston Area Makerbot meetup. We get together when enough people feel the need, generally at Sprout in Somerville. When we got together again this week, he was able to happily report... Read more »

As I develop new projects for my classroom this summer, a recurring theme has been to explore just how many times it takes to get a new design right. As far as I am concerned, nothing ever works properly the first time, and it is useful for students and new... Read more »

Somehow the screen on my digital camera got busted. Since the ill-fated, and mysterious demise of the back display, I've been limited to using the viewfinder. Last week, I finally got fed up with not being able to take a picture without my eye jammed into the cup. Since I... Read more »

Lifesize Mousetrap provides a great opportunity to see real world applications of physics, spectacle and problem solving. Perhaps you remember endless hours of fussing with cardboard and plastic parts trying to get the mousetrap together to catch the mouse. Mostly, I recall that the build was way more interesting than... Read more »

Arc Attack! is back with their unique blend of high voltage and melodic ozone creation. It appears that there are a couple of kids in the faraday cage. How's that for a memorable childhood experience? Read more »

Lucky for those of us left behind, the fine folks at Maker Faire have been tagging their pictures and adding them to the MAKE Flickr pool. I see steam, lights, robots, festive Faire goers and more. If you aren't able to make it to San Mateo this weekend, you can... Read more »


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