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Gareth Branwyn

Gareth Branwyn

Gareth Branwyn is a freelancer writer and the former Editorial Director of Maker Media. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books on technology, DIY, and geek culture. He is currently a contributor for Boing Boing and WINK Books. And he has a new best-of writing collection and "lazy man's memoir," called Borg Like Me.

Latest from Gareth Branwyn


The BEAM design approach creates nimble robots from simple components, with no programming required. Read more »


The “Sugar Carpet (Tapis de sucre)” by Montreal-based artist Aude Moreau was made with over two tons of sugar, laid out perfectly evenly across an expansive floorspace, then decorated in a Persian rug motif with charcoal and food coloring. Read more »


We're back after a short hiatus -- hope your 2013 is starting out mathematically auspiciously. (And lest the last two digits of the year worry you, note that typically, from a mathematical point of view, the multiplicative factors of a number are more significant than addends that produce the number. Read more »


I case you missed the news late last week, O'Reilly Media made an important announcement: Maker Media, Inc. has been spun off as its own company. All parties involved are thrilled by this evolution of our business. Read more »


We're thrilled to announced the release of MAKE Volume 33. See our special Software for Makers section, learn more about the Rovera robot and Raspberry Pi, and try your hand at 22 DIY projects. Read more »


To celebrate the release of Getting Started with MakerBot, we're offering 20% off on the book in the Maker Shed. This discount will be valid all through CES week Read more »


I’ve been fascinated by the concept of “brain sports” ­— fun, competitive games for brainiacs and creative thinkers, more inclusive and less cerebral (and serious) than the original geek sport: chess. MAKE Volume 33 features our special Software for Makers section covering apps for circuit board design, 3D design and... Read more »


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