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Andrew Terranova

Andrew Terranova

Andrew Terranova is an electrical engineer, writer and an electronics and robotics hobbyist. He is an active member of the Let's Make Robots community, and handles public relations for the site. Andrew has created and curated robotics exhibits for the Children's Museum of Somerset County, NJ and taught robotics classes for the Kaleidoscope Learning Center in Blairstown, NJ and for a public primary school. Andrew is always looking for ways to engage makers and educators.

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Graphic artist, illustrator and web designer,  Brian Harris created this nearly 5 inch high model of Spike, a baby dragon who moved to Ponyville and is friend and  assistant to one of the ponies, Twilight Sparkle.

Hasbro opens up its My Little Ponies brand to 3D artists with the creation of the SuperFanArt website. Artists can register to sell their own versions of MLP characters at their Shapeways shops. Eventually other Hasbro brands will be available for creative fans to tinker with. Read more »


13 year old Clay Haight made his own wearable smart glasses, inspired by Google Glass and the pages of Make: magazine. Read more »

Programmable LED shades from macetech.

You can buy the new LED Matrix Shades from macetech on their online store. Or build the original version, now available as an open source design. Read more »


Becky Stern, director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries, shares ten fabulous and fashionable projects you can try yourself. Read more »

Change out PopPet's face plate and give her a new personality.

PopPet is a cute robot kit with changeable face plates so you can customize her the way you want. The kit is available through Kickstarter now. Read more »

Elsie the dragon is an interactive animatronic sculpture. She is 7.5 meters long with a 6 meter wing span. Elsie can flap and fold her wings and snap her mouth, bend her neck and flick her tail about. She is controlled by an operator or by the public via sets of switches around a safety barrier. The crowd can collaborate to create coordinated movements. Elsie's propane gas system allows her to spit fire; she can also breathe smoke.

Check out an exciting weekend as Maker Faire Hannover returns on July 5-6 2014! Read more »

Drawn is a new 3D printing services company that creates large scale items like furniture.

Two French guys and a large scale 3D printer create furniture and other home decor items. Their new company, Drawn, is based in France, and they recently attended Maker Faire Paris. Read more »


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