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John Abella

Maker of things, obsessive hobbyist, 3D printing and CNC enthusiast. 3D Printer Village wrangler, Lead instructor at

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The single greatest reason for print failures is a first layer that either wasn’t laid down well or didn’t stick to the platform. Here are the top tips from the Make: 3DP Test Team for getting that great first layer and making sure the print stays put. Read more »


Sometimes you just want fast prints for handouts, demos, or even while exhibiting at Maker Faire! Here’s the 3DP Test Team’s curated list of fast prints that work well on any machine and take very little time. Read more »

Sample tiny prints at 25 micron resolution.

Brad Hill has designed a new 3D printer called the LittleRP that will be launching on Kickstarter today. It’s one of a crop of new affordable resin printers on the scene, and I caught up to him to discuss how it came to be and where it’s going next. How... Read more »

Bukobot 8 v2

Innovative, accurate, and fast, here’s a printer for the technology lover. Read more »

Leading open-source printer client Repetier-Host sports 
a beautiful 3D pan/zoom/tilt preview window.

From the pages of MAKE's Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014: programs for prepping and printing 3D parts. Read more »