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Homemade Game Guru

A fanatic crafting fan, inventor and designer, I just enjoy making new things just because. I operate an award-winning how-to You Tube channel called The Homemade Game Guru to share my love of creation with people worldwide. Utilizing cardboard in grandiose ways is my specialty. I am also an author, game designer, comic book writer and father of a rambunctious little girl who loves to create like dad (so proud)!

Latest from Homemade Game Guru

The completed Satan's Toothbrush sword

Oh, the world of steampunk… I’ve always known about the term ‘steampunk’ but for the longest time I never looked deeper into the phenomena that has hypnotized so many ardent crafting artist, geeks, cosplayers and designers. My complete neglect of this fascinating movement changed last month through a chance online... Read more »

HMGG and the Mayor Rob Ford Crack Rocker

If you haven’t heard about the antics of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as yet, most likely you have just now emerged from a hibernation that started before May 2013 or you have arrived back home to Earth after battling an alien invasion in the Kepler galaxy for the past year.... Read more »

A simple cardboard Wonder Woman/Powergirl sundial design

To honor the splendor of summer and the awesomeness of female superheroes like Wonder Woman, I would like to present a simple summertime craft idea that is fun to make and quite practical for telling time. Using recycled cardboard, some $1 issue copies of Wonder Woman, tape, spray glue and... Read more »


Like any invention, there is a personal story behind its creation and a dream that extends well beyond its exposure to the world. Read more »


Part Segway, part skateboard, and part scooter, the recreational mobile concept Nunee New is secured solely by construction glue. Read more »

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 4.32.09 PM

To get us all in the spirit of the soon-to-be released X-Men: Days of Future Past, I created a couple of X-Men-based craft concepts that can be made easily from the comfort of home. Read more »


Standees are quite easy to make and in the past I have demonstrated to my subscribers a technique on how to make simple cardboard cut-outs based on celebrities and table-top superheroes. This Game of Thrones design is an extension of my previously demonstrated techniques, but now it pushes the boundaries... Read more »


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