Homemade Game Guru

Homemade Game Guru

As a fanatic crafting fan, inventor, author and designer, I just enjoy making new things for the fun of it! I operate an award-winning how-to You Tube channel called The Homemade Game Guru to share my love of creation with people worldwide. Utilizing cardboard in grandiose ways is my specialty.

I also run an unique online design class to help anyone create a Personal Family Tree Board Game. You can sign up for that class here.

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Rockem Sockem like cardboard political boxing toy

If you've ever wondered how US politics look like to outsiders this "Rock'em Sock'em" Clinton vs. Trump board game gives an idea. Read more »

10 cans full per side

Cut down on clutter! Use cardboard to construct a can collector to corral your empties. Read more »

Pink Floyd Prism Christmas Tree Star

How to make a glow-in-the-dark Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd Christmas tree star. Read more »


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These handmade, wall-mounted 3D comic book covers are based on famous comic book first appearances. Read more »

With nets placed, the game is ready!

You can make your own foosball table for about $5. All you need is cardboard, dowels, glue, and a marble or ping pong ball. Read more »

A handmade cardboard Attack on Titan C-table design

  There are two hot properties engulfing living rooms everywhere across North America. One is of the animated variety and the other is of the ‘must have’ home furnishings persuasion. First we have one of the hottest anime programs in the history of the genre! Attack on Titan has become... Read more »