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Roboexotica gathers a wide variety of cocktail robot makers from around the world and bring them together for robot parties and presentations. I’m in Southern Austria in the city of Graz today visiting the information design college where a group of artists who are putting their cocktail robots together. The... Read more »

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It’s the end of the weekend. Don’t forget to watch the latest Weekend Projects podcast about making a t-shirt canon with Bill Gurstelle! You can subscribe in iTunes and get both the video and the instructional PDF automatically! – iTunes Link Read more »

MP4 | Hi-Def | Blip | YouTube | PDF | Subscribe Sometimes it can be so frustrating to have people you want to give a T-shirt to who are far away and inaccessible on the upper decks of stadiums. They wave their hands in desperation with such hope and joy... Read more »

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I went to a big box hardware store to pick up the parts for this. If I remember right it came out to be about $75 with lots of PVC left over for other projects. It took at least an hour to find all the parts in the store. Seriously,... Read more »

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From the comments on the Weekend Projects Joule Thief video, folks have found that winding the toroid requires some fussing with how many times to wrap it. Flickr-user Mr Toms World managed to make a nice looking Joule Thief! Nice work! – Link Read more »

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Have you made the Joule Thief yet? If not, get this is your reminder to watch the video, download the PDF and get cracking! Subscribe in iTunes and get the pdf and the video downloaded automatically! – Subscribe Link Joule Thief Video Podcast – Link Joule Thief PDFcast – Link... Read more »

I landed in Vienna today where I am doing an artist in residence for the month of November courtesy of Monochrom. Once I landed I found that Metalab, the local hacker space, was having Metaday 8 which was an open house and presentation followed by 5 minute lightning talks. Metalab... Read more »