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Bre Pettis

Bre Pettis

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Needleartist, Jean Baggot, tells the stories of her life in an amazingly detailed tapestry that includes 73 interlocking circles that each focus on one aspect of her life. More impressive, though, is her transformation of spirit and attitude as a result of her life experiences. That she’s translated them into... Read more »

Calamity Kim shares this in-progress update of a great gnome quilt she’s working on with the collaboration of friends in a Flickr quilt row swap. The Group is about making a quilt row for someone each month and there are 10 people in the group so there will be 10... Read more »

Paper-and-String takes her readers on a tour of her workspace and packing area where she prepares her orders for shipping. She shares her organization methods and routines for packing orders, which are very handy! Read more »

This bird’s nest project from Tali of Growing Up Creative is an awesome twist on a paper mache process. I love that it incorporates recycled and natural materials. Best of all, it promises to be messy (and worth it!). Read more »

If you’ve been following my adventures over on MAKE, you know that I’ve been galavanting around the last few weeks on a space geek adventure. I love finding ways in which my two passions, craft and space, can overlap, so I was thrilled to get an up close and personal... Read more »

I often have trouble finding pants that fit my kids in the waist and the length, and we end up trying to cinch up the waists to keep the pants from falling down. So I’m taking special note of this tutorial for cute adjustable belts for kids. The tutorial is... Read more »

These President’s Day t-shirt designs from Dana of MADE are adorable. She’s provided two stencils you can download and use, as well as a tutorial for transforming any photograph into a stencil-friendly image. Read more »


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