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Patrick Di Justo

Patrick Di Justo

Patrick is an editor at MAKE. He is the author of the books Environmental Monitoring with Arduino, Atmospheric Monitoring with Arduino, Environmental Sensor Networks, and The Science of Battlestar Galactica. He has sworn to defend mankind against the eventual rise of the killer bots.

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Carla Diana, author of Leo the Maker Prince, is doing a hands-on residency sponsored by Shapeways. Read more »


Heather Brundage had some notes on Hasbro’s upcoming DohVinci that Patrick Di Justo noticed read quite a bit like poetry. Read more »

Play-Doh's DohVinci

Looking like a hand-held glue gun, the DohVinci appeared a few days after Hasbro announced a collaboration with 3D Systems. Can a Play-Doh 3D Printer be far behind? Read more »


Two inventors from Lisbon are applying their maker smarts to the toy world through their company, Make2Play. Their charmingly low-tech kits include a gramophone, confetti blower, and a pinhole camera. Read more »

Spiderbot without weapons platform

I just got a Combat Creatures Attacknid Doom Razor robot. Since I have sworn to defend mankind against the eventual rise of the killer bots, I determined to convert my killer spiderbot to more peaceful uses. Read more »

Shawn Frayne and Angus Fok of Hong Kong have found a way to pickle your dreams. Read more »

So much cool stuff to see!

Students from eleven different schools, ranging from elementary through high school grades, visited New York Hall of Science on Thursday for Maker Faire Education Day. Read more »


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