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Phil Rossoni

Phil Rossoni

Philip Rossoni (Belmont, Massachusetts) is a commercial glider pilot who has always been interested in finding ways to share the experience of piloting an aircraft with a wide audience. He has a Masters of Science degree in Physics from Northeastern University and was at Verizon Laboratories for 13 years as a member of the technical staff, designing light bulbs, electronics, and cellular telephone networks. Philip has also flown as a test pilot, evaluating prototype thermal detection devices for Air Borne Research Associates. He volunteers in the Exhibit Hall Interpretation Department at the Museum of Science, Boston.

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Walkalong gliders are designed from phonebook or other light weight paper (tissue or waxed tissue papers from florist shops work well, too). The point is to make the building of the airplane as simple as possible so one can focus on developing the piloting skills to master sustained and controlled... Read more »