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This time around on Tiny Yellow House, I decided to mess around with passive solar heat so as to warm the always-cold front foyer of my home. The result: a smallish, closeable, passive solar collector that fits into a window opening. Its not rocket science (and it NEVER will be... Read more »

I designed, pre-fabricated, hauled, and then re-assembled a treehouse I've dubbed "The Wolfe's Den" (Wolfe being the last name of the woman I built it for), and luckily had Steven Sherrick of Modern Vintage Productions to help document the laborious process. Read more »

Here's another video of one of the many projects I've been messing with lately, its a legless bunk set-up called "The Krunk Bunk" that was one of two projects we took on in our Relax Shacks July Tiny Housing/Shelter/Building workshop in MA. Read more »

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In this side episode of "Tiny Yellow House", I filmed a tour of "Sage's Gypsy Wagon" (located in Boston, MA), a mobile dwelling that was handbuilt on a very modest budget by this city-side custom-guitar maker. Read more »

For this episode of “Tiny Yellow House” for Make Magazine, host Derek “Deek” Diedricksen pulls another idea from his book Humble Homes, Simple Shacks. This time, its an easy wooden boat made from little more than one sheet of plywood. Subscribe to the MAKE Podcast in iTunes, download the m4v... Read more »

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“Tiny Yellow House” host Derek “Deek” Diedricksen gives MAKE a look at his brand new, multifaceted micro-structure/sleeper-cabin, “The GottaGiddaWay”- a homeless prototype built for $100.00. Subscribe to the MAKE Podcast in iTunes, download the m4v video directly, or watch it on YouTube and Vimeo. Also, for a related-style/approach project- take... Read more »