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Hello Makers, We’ll be doing another bit of maintenance over the weekend (WordPress’ development cycle is off the chain!), so we’ll be down for about 15 minutes (knock on wood) starting at 11pm PST on Saturday, March 12th. Hopefully that won’t interrupt your feverish sawing and hammering! Read more »

We’re going to be dropping into maintenance mode for about 15-30 minutes, Saturday night at ~11:30pm PST. A new version of WordPress dropped a few days ago and we want to update, as well as take care of some legacy data that’s missing from our pre-2008 posts. We should be... Read more »

It is I, your friendly, neighborhood Spiderman (or an unreasonable facsimile)! I just wanted to give you extraordinarily patient makers a quick update on where we are in our efforts to migrate to WordPress, move into the cloud, and upgrade our antiquated commenting system. We managed to get the IE8/Opera... Read more »

I can’t say there weren’t tears — tears which I promise I will recount in agonizing detail later — but we’re up and limping on WordPress (::golfclap::) Plenty of funkiness still abounds, however. We’re working on these issues and hope to have the bulk of them addressed in the next... Read more »

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Christa McAuliffe, weightless Long before I stumbled into the jobs that I do now, long before I even knew what I wanted out of my life, I wanted to be an astronaut. Nothing new there, of course — I’m going to hazard a guess that most makers at one point... Read more »