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Saul Griffith

Saul Griffith is chief troublemaker at

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Until our school system is reformed, I think the burden falls on parents, guardians, and friends to teach children the skills of life. Read more »

Biology doesn’t use metal, and it doesn’t use servos. Nature points to some very interesting alternatives. Read more »

When you build it together, your learning is amplified - multiplied by the number of hands. Read more »

Flip between two projects to prevent focus fatigue. Read more »

If you know how many hands it takes to measure from east to west, you can figure out how many hours you have left to play today! Read more »

Computational models are digital, and that makes them inherently shareable, independently verifiable, and easy to collaborate on and improve. Read more »

I have an antidote that keeps me upbeat, something special and beautiful that keeps me optimistic about the human condition, the human mind, and the power of thinking. Read more »


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