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Megan Andersen, a crafter in Los Angleles, shares her cute as heck Needle-Felted Easter Peeps! “Making your own FELTED bunnies is a great was to stay festive, without packing in the sugar!” she explains, and truer words were never written.  If you are in the Santa Monica, CA area, take... Read more »

Melanie Crownover sent in details about a birthday party for her 6-year-old that featured a theme after my own heart: Lego! She writes: Ah yes, Legos! Kids love ’em! I know mine play with them for hours on end, so it was a no-brainer to plan a Lego Builders Birthday... Read more »

Here's some amazing work from a guy who loves taking old things and recycling them. He offers his email if people have ideas or want to make requests. Read more »

Michell Kaul from Wyoming made this cute dinosaur wall art after she saw something similar in a catalog. She documents the process in an easy-to-follow how-to on her blog, Girl in Air. She writes: I’d seen a great art piece in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog so I made something... Read more »

Former CRAFTZINE and MAKEZINE blogger Michelle Kempner recently offered an irresistible deal to anyone who sponsors her in an upcoming run benefiting AIDS research: get yourself Shrinky-Dinked! You can probably tell a couple of things from the images above: I didn’t choose myself to be immortalized in Shrinky Dink (that’s... Read more »

Jonathan Koshi’s new series of pop culture icons dressed up in sugar skull finery makes me all kinds of happy. Each piece in his Get Your Sugar series is also less-fattening than that Valentine’s chocolate you’ve got stashed above the breadbox. Oh, maybe that’s just me. Nonetheless, take a peek…... Read more »

Rad Megan sent us a link to her amazing felted Monarch butterfly with a very nice explanation about its origins. Read more »