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Take your cup of Joe from classic to classified with a tilt-triggered spy camera. Read more »


If you’re thinking, “‘EL Cycle’ sounds like a bicycle-powered EL wire project,” then you are correct! In this project we’ll be using a stepper motor as a generator to drive EL wire wrapped around the frame of a bike. Instead of powering the EL wire with batteries — which would... Read more »


Learn how to use solar panels for both battery charging and for sensing when light has dropped below a certain threshold. Learn how to use an Arduino Micro for power management, and combine these two skills into an exciting classic "cricket" noisemaker that only turns on when the sun has... Read more »


This project is not so much a step-by-step guide, but more of an idea. Sometimes buying something is not really the best thing to do. I have a lot of electronic test equipment and I could not find a reasonably priced desk or bench that would put everything within easy... Read more »


A data logger is a device that is left to run for long periods of time, making regular measurements of external sensors. We’ll be using the Arduino microcontroller and a homemade “shield” (an Arduino accessory board) to create a device that gathers data on light-brightness in an area and how... Read more »


Create a 3D touchless interface with Arduino, six resistors, and some aluminum foil! Read more »


Crystal radio technology has been around for many years. This “bottle radio” take on a crystal radio requires no power source, operates on the power from radio waves, and receives signal from a long wire antenna. As radio stations slowly move away from the AM band, the “window of opportunity”... Read more »