Jake Spurlock

Jake Spurlock

Web Developer at MAKE. I'm an Engineer. That means I solve problems.

Also, a geek, designer, HTML/CSS/PHP lover. Taker of photos, and sometimes skiing and biking...

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Squelette Build

I was at my prosthodontist’s office the other day getting some work done and the conversation turned to what I do for work. I told my dentist, Vu Huynh, DMD that I worked as a Web Producer for MAKE magazine. He almost dropped the cheek clamps (not a real thing…).... Read more »

iPhone Charger Sideview

Great article by Ken Shirriff on the circuit and build of the iPhone charger. Like most people, I think I have taken this little device for granted for the years that I’ve owned an iPhone. Disassembling Apples diminutive inch-cube iPhone charger reveals a technologically advanced flyback switching power supply that... Read more »

Volt at MAKE

As part of their sponsorship of Maker Faire, Chevy offered to loan us a Volt for a week leading up to the Faire. When I heard about this, I jumped at the opportunity to review it. So, here’s the first MAKE car review. Hybrid Chevy doesn’t bill the Volt as... Read more »


I'm loving these photos from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. In the last few years, while a lot of people have donned lycra and carbon fiber frames, they have seen a resurgence of handmade bicycle building. What used to be the norm of stubborn old men, artisans and aesthetes... Read more »

Chainsaw Bicycle

Want to get around on two wheels with a little more then pedal power? This Russian innovator has a method of using a chainsaw for some extra horsepower. Safety aside, what could go wrong? Read more »


I love this video of Sam Zygmuntowicz, a violin maker in Brooklyn. Whenever I see something like this, I want to break out the hand tools and start doing something immediately. Seeing a true artisan at work is always inspiring. Read more »

Chevy Volt Gun Rack

Turns out, you CAN put a gun rack in Chevy Volt! Watch. Read more »