Arduino-Controlled Shark Detection System


Justin Hyunh wrote in to share this cool project he and Chris Ladden built: a tweeting anti-shark laser security system! A laser pointer shines on a light sensor. An Arduino detects a low reading from the sensor and uses a BeagleBoard to send a tweet to @BruceSharkAlert and also sends... Read more »

Touring The Future With Texas Instruments

The author's veins on display

Yes, those are my veins. This series of images was generated by the Christie DLP VeinViewer [PDF]. This device projects infrared light onto your hand. A camera detects areas with blood vessels near the skin because blood doesn’t reflect the IR light, but the surrounding tissue does. The resulting image is... Read more »

Introducing the Gooseberry Board


Seems like there are a number of low power ARM SoC boards hitting the market recently. If the Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, and Via APC piqued your interest, you might want to also take a look at the recently announced Gooseberry. It's an Allwinner A10 ARM SoC with 512MB RAM,... Read more »

SMS Text Scroller Powered by Android and Arduino

I love...

follower posted a new project up on Labradoc: an LED matrix display connected to an Arduino Mega ADK and an Android phone: I was working to get things working for the evening of Sat 19th (NZ time) but noticed an issue during the afternoon that stopped much in the way... Read more »

Android Breathalyzer


Here's a fun Android Breathalyzer prototype using the IOIO board, a Seeed alcohol sensor and Li-po Rider power module, and a Li-po battery inside an Altoid tin. Read more »

Second Generation IOIO on the Way


Fans of Ytai Ben-Tsvi's IOIO board will be happy to know that there's an update coming. Ytai recently announced that there's an second generation IOIO in the works. The new version will feature the ability to connect to a PC over USB (OTG) or Bluetooth using the same high-level API... Read more »