$49 Feature-Packed Cubieboard


Another pint-sized all-in-one ARM dev board, called the Cubieboard, has been announced. It packs a 1Ghz ARM cortex-A8 processor, OpenGL ES, 1GB ram, HDMI out, ethernet, 2 USB Host, 1 USB OTG, SATA, IR, and headers for i2c, LVDS, and more. Read more »

Arduino-Controlled Shark Detection System


Justin Hyunh wrote in to share this cool project he and Chris Ladden built: a tweeting anti-shark laser security system! A laser pointer shines on a light sensor. An Arduino detects a low reading from the sensor and uses a BeagleBoard to send a tweet to @BruceSharkAlert and also sends... Read more »

Touring The Future With Texas Instruments

The author's veins on display

Yes, those are my veins. This series of images was generated by the Christie DLP VeinViewer [PDF]. This device projects infrared light onto your hand. A camera detects areas with blood vessels near the skin because blood doesn’t reflect the IR light, but the surrounding tissue does. The resulting image is... Read more »

Introducing the Gooseberry Board


Seems like there are a number of low power ARM SoC boards hitting the market recently. If the Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, and Via APC piqued your interest, you might want to also take a look at the recently announced Gooseberry. It's an Allwinner A10 ARM SoC with 512MB RAM,... Read more »

SMS Text Scroller Powered by Android and Arduino

I love...

follower posted a new project up on Labradoc: an LED matrix display connected to an Arduino Mega ADK and an Android phone: I was working to get things working for the evening of Sat 19th (NZ time) but noticed an issue during the afternoon that stopped much in the way... Read more »

Android Breathalyzer


Here's a fun Android Breathalyzer prototype using the IOIO board, a Seeed alcohol sensor and Li-po Rider power module, and a Li-po battery inside an Altoid tin. Read more »