Collin’s Lab: Switches

Easily overlooked, but elemental to electronics hardware, the manually operated switch is the simplest of electromechanical devices -- and likely the most familiar. While the most basic switch is... well, quite basic, there's a crazy-huge variety of switch types and sizes available to the electronics maker nowadays. Those new to... Read more »

Collin’s Lab: Brainwave Beats

Measuring brainwaves is not just for neuroscientists anymore – new affordable consumer level EEG devices ( & even some toys) do a respectable job at measuring tiny voltage pulses given off by neurons firing in the brain. Cool – but how shall we use these new found sensory powers? To... Read more »

Collin’s Lab: The REAL Breadboard

I just used a hammer & nails to build a circuit – and I liked it! Yes, I could rattle off a list of reasons to use more popular prototyping solutions, but none of them are as satisfyingly straightforward as nailing components to a piece of wood. Unfortunately, incorporating ICs... Read more »

Collin’s Lab: Homebrew Piezo

Piezoelectric materials are about as close to magic as you can get. They turn physical pressure into electricity and can even turn electricity into physical pressure – an amazing sort of bidirectional converter for mechanical and electrical energies. Perhaps even more amazing is the fact that you can easily ‘grow’... Read more »

Collin’s Lab: Monotron Hacking

The Monotron mini analog synthesizer is a simple but sweet-sounding little synth that sports a few basic features that give a nod to us hardware hacker-folk. In the above vid, I merely scratch the surface of how this little guy could be put to creative use – even still, I... Read more »