Dads and Sons at Maker Faire

Our friends at RadioShack talked to some DIY dads and their kids at Maker Faire Bay Area about making together. Here they talk to Jim and his son Schuyler, the kid 3D printing evangelist. You may remember Schuyler from his adorable Ignite presentation. Read more »

Favorite Kid-Dad Project Videos

If you’re looking to start a fun project with dad, here’s a round-up of kid-friendly projects videos, put together by MAKE Managing Editor Keith Hammond. Thanks, Keith! Compressed Air Rockets I’d hazard it’s the single most popular kid-dad project we’ve ever done: the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher. Father and teacher... Read more »

Dad Greets the Bus Each Morning in Costume

This silly business makes me really happy and is a great way to celebrate the dads who go out of their way to have fun with their kids, make a creative environment for them, and demonstrate that you don't always have to paint inside the lines. OK, so this dad,... Read more »

Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun

In anticipation of Father's Day (this weekend!) we're offering this review of Geek Dad's Guide to Weekend Fun. We think the book is, well, fun, and we think you'll agree. And as an added bonus, we're giving MAKE readers a free, downloadable PDF of one of the book's projects, the... Read more »