Can DigiFab and Manual Craftsmanship Co-Exist?

Among MAKE readers, we're nearly unanimous in agreeing that the rise of digital fabrication is a complete game-changer for crafters, hackers, and tinkerers of all stripes. Laser cutters, CNC mills, and 3D printers have altered the way we think about design, and raised the bar for quality and precision in... Read more »

Sculpture from PVC Scrap

On the PVC-Innovations site, Adam Withrow walks you through how to heat and bend PVC end pieces into abstract sculptures. I can see other practical applications to this process as well, though it should be stressed that proper safety precautions be taken as PVC can get pretty noxious. I'd love... Read more »

Top 10: Stupid Plastic Tricks

We have hundreds of posts in the archives with the keyword “plastic” in the title, but many of them are about particular objects made from plastic, rather than general methods for working with plastics. So I went through and cherry-picked ten of what I considered to be the more inventive... Read more »

CNC Milling Plate Glass and Mirrors

Ben Krasnow - of DIY electron microscope fame, among other impressive projects - has posted some useful notes on an unusual cutting process. Normally, of course, the recommended practice for cutting plate glass is scoring and breaking, but it can be cut using a more-or-less conventional milling setup provided you... Read more »

How Many Iterations?

As I develop new projects for my classroom this summer, a recurring theme has been to explore just how many times it takes to get a new design right. As far as I am concerned, nothing ever works properly the first time, and it is useful for students and new... Read more »