Glass lens doorknob gives preview of room beyond

Probably not all doors should offer previews, all the time, but this is undeniably wonderful. As it is, the knob offers bi-directional viewing; I wonder if you could half-silver one side and make it one-way? Johnny Strategy at Spoon & Tomago writes: In conjunction with Design Tide Tokyo, architect Hideyuki... Read more »

Spoon organ!

The user can play musical tunes simply by touching a row of spoons sitting on a table, with a fork added in for good measure. A microcontroller is used to detect changes in capacitance caused by a finger pressing against the metal, which are then sent to a computer using... Read more »

Dekotora art trucks

This Alienware ad highlights Japan’s cool art trucks. I liked the makery atmosphere of the ad, though I think it’s possible the POV effect at the end was faked. See Pink Tentacle’s Dekotora truck post for a lot more pix of these super cool vehicles. Read more »

Behold Your Doom: Children’s battle mech

In point of fact, this "Kid's Walker" from Japanese firm Sakakibara Kikai, like every real-world mecha prototype I've ever seen, is considerably more impressive when standing still than when in motion. There's embedded video here. If you are actually concerned about the possibility of the world being stomped to rubble... Read more »