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Maker Faire Daily — A Dramatic Finish

A fire-breathing pony, a giant fire-breathing dragon truck, three-dimensional printers, life-sized boardgames, pie-plate instruments, a walking video suit, an armored vehicle that does battle with the weather. A trip into the Twilight Zone? No, a day at Maker Faire. Read more »

Maker Faire Daily — Happy Hour!

After a disturbingly storming early morning, things calmed down on the grounds and inner recesses of The Henry Ford, as makers began to prep in earnest, kids descended from the area for a little educational preview, and Make: Live geared up for its 5:30 webcast. And then came Happy Hour,... Read more »

Maker Faire Daily — Our Team is on the Ground

Maker Faire Daily is our online fast-news feed during Maker Faire. This weekend in Detroit, stafffmembers and makers will be posting images, thoughts, and video snapshots from the grounds of the Henry Ford Museum. Here are some tidbits from the lead up. Read more »