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Yahoo! Music Engine review

Here's a look through my DIY goggles of the new Yahoo! Music Engine. It's not really a review, I didn't buy a song (and may never) but was interested in using it as a music manager on my PC since I get asked about which ones work the "least worst".... Read more »

HOW TO – Stop paying for ring tones

Wired has a good article/how-to on making your own ring tones using our favorite audio tool, the open source Audacity. You’ll need - Cell phone with MP3 ring-tone support CD or MP3 of the song Audio-editing software that allows export to MP3. If you don’t already have this, Audacity is... Read more »

Turns out we all want to pay *more* for ringtones?

Makers, are you OK with paying more money for ringtone than you would for a complete song? These folks seem to think so - "According to The NPD Group, a leading provider of consumer and retail information, consumers are willing to pay more for a 30-second snippet of a song... Read more »

A Ringtone That Really Gets Under Your Skin?

Bruce on the Etel blog interviews the good doctor about her "Phertones" - ringtones that make you more attractive - "Make of it what you will, but a new site has popped up devoted to the promotion of Pherotones, which are presented as a sort of oddball, audible cousin of... Read more »


GarageSpin writes "ArtistServer was created by one guy, Gideon Marken. The ultimate DIY musician, he went out and built his own music hosting platform thousands of artists now use. All the music promotion tools are free (blog, podcast, ringtones, mobile sites, downloads, streams, etc), and it was even voted one... Read more »


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