Tool Review: iStabilizer Smartphone Dolly

Photo on 2012-08-14 at 06.15

I had a chance to play around with the iStabilizer Dolly ($60,, a rolling mount for shooting cool panning shots with your smartphone. The unit consists of a flat metal plate equipped with two adjustable axle-and-wheel sets and a flexible, “snake-like” neck that holds the camera. All you have... Read more »

Help Support a Hacktivism Documentary

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Around the world there is a network of hackerspaces that explore, hack and create new ways of expressing themselves with technology. Hackerspaces that by some are seen as a threat to our digital society. What is it that drives these people? What are their purpose and their reasons for what... Read more »

Choosy Photographers Choose GIF

Is everyone having fun at Maker Camp?  Yesterday Jared Ficklin joined us, showing everyone how to make awesome animated GIFs.  In Jared’s words: “The GIF is an image format from the early days of the interweb that was designed to support animation by stringing together multiple images into one compressed... Read more »

Segway Steadicam

Pedro Guimaraes‘ Segway Steadicam rig is so sweet! I’d love to play around with just the RED camera alone. [via @TensorFlux & Hacked Gadgets] Read more »

Paper Animation of Prometheus Trailer


This obsessively faceted little gem made me smile so wide, I thought an alien lifeform was going to burst forth from my face! This shot-by-shot homage to the Prometheus trailer is done with 100% paper (and flashlights). It was directed, edited and paper-construction by Travis Betz (aka “The Receptionist” on... Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. the CCD

Engineer Guy vs The CCD Thumb

Bill Hammack is back! I am pleased beyond measure to present the first video in Engineer Guy Series #4, in which Bill Hammack and his Engineer Guy production team at the University of Illinois unravel the key technology of digital photography: the charge-coupled device. Read more »