Mobile Woodshop


Ron Paulk‘s mobile woodshop fits inside a 1,000 cubic foot truck and packs every major power tool with a number of rather clever storage solutions. Even better, Ron has created sketchup plans so you could build your own! [via core77] Read more »

Denver Area Maker Meetup Thursday 4/23

Ever since the first TechShop opened in the San Francisco bay area, I’ve been dying for one in Downtown Denver. Well, my dreams have been answered – Club Workshop is a well-equipped public access workshop, where you can craft your projects using their machine tools, rapid prototyping machine, laser engraver/cutter,... Read more »

Jeff Duntemann’s shop tips

In response to my Show us your shop! piece (which is a contest, BTW), Jeff Duntemann posted a link to an amazing article filled with great tips on setting up a shop. One of the smartest articles I’ve seen on the subject. Below is an excerpt about power outlets, followed... Read more »