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MAKE 35: Danger!


Introducing MAKE Volume 35: the Danger issue! Meet makers who like to play with fire in a variety of ways. If you want to turn up the heat yourself, learn how to make a fire tornado using an old turntable or build your own Six-Pack Tesla Coil. With 23 fantastic DIY projects, find the perfect project for you from building a better projection screen for your living room to remaking a childhood classic with the EZ-Make Oven. So light off some homemade sugar rockets, and celebrate making with an edge!


The Fire Tornado

The Fire Tornado

How to re-create a terrifying force of nature using an old record turntable and kerosene. CAUTION: Proceed at your own risk! This is another dangerous, hazardous, perilous project from MAKE...


Categories: Science

24 tooth gear properly meshed with 24 tooth crown gear

Lego Phonograph

Combine the analog simplicity of LEGO bricks and a vinyl record with digital LEGO WeDo parts and Scratch on your computer to build and program a working phonograph.


Categories: Music

Before You Start



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