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High-Power Sugar Rocket


Excerpt from the article:

Dan Pollino’s 6-foot sugar rocket accelerates to 400mph in 3 seconds and goes 6,000 feet high. It’s an awesome DIY project. To build it, get Dan’s excellent how-to book I Still Have All My Fingers: How to Build a Big Sugar Rocket on a Budget Without Losing a Limb.

We asked Dan how he got into rockets. He took us all the way back.

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  1. Chris Mannon says:

    Sugar motors are fine to do if your a Tripoli level 2 or above at launch sites . Nothing needed if your on your own . But if more than 125g of proplent you need a FAA waiver .

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Dan Pollino

Dan Pollino is the author of several how-to books. His rockets have been featured on G4 TV’s It’s Effin’ Science. His website inverseengineering.com focuses on amateur rocketry in California.

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