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MAKE 37: Drones


MAKE Volume 37 takes a look at the evolving technologies that allow makers to do amazing things with both traditional R/C and self-piloting drones. Get a handle on terminology with a drone anatomy diagram, check out how to get amazing photos and videos using quadcopters, and get tips on using first-person video to put yourself in the pilot seat. Then build your own quadrotor airframe from hardware store parts and trick it out with stabilized onboard video and autonomous flight.

Beyond drones, you’ll learn to easily integrate GPS into electronics projects, light up your style with the full-color LED sneakers that react to your moves, use an Arduino and the closed-caption feed on your TV to silence culture personalities, and annoy your neighbors with the surprisingly loud CNC Air Raid Siren. All this and more in MAKE Volume 37!



Quad Squad

Quad Squad

We assembled a diverse gathering of top UAV flyers, including Hollywood filmmakers, smash-proof airframe builders, and aerial software and component creators, to discuss and demonstrate some of the newest tools...


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