Make Video Podcast 2006 Wrapup

It’s been a good year this year for the Make: Video Podcast. I made 60 videos since coming on board in April. I’ve put together a little video of some of my favorite moments. The making of a warbot and death of a RAZR phone – Link The little robot... Read more »

Generate the Atari Rainbow Effect

One of the amazing things about the 8-bit Atari computers was how they could rewrite their display list on the fly, changing video modes every scan line. My favorite application of this was the rainbow effect. I’ve always wanted to know how to do this, and some searching led me... Read more »

Cigar Box Camera

Paul Beard‘s made up a cool cigar box pinhole camera. A brief overview of the cigar box pinhole camera I built yesterday and today. Built around a 4×5 film holder. Focal length of about 30mm, pinhole of indeterminate size, f/stop 100-150, I think. So reasonably fast — 1-2 second exposures... Read more »

Binary Clock

This then drives a 4024 7bit counter for seconds connected to a 4 input AND gate, half of a 4082, which in turn drives the clock input of another 4024 which counts minutes. A similar thing happens for minutes to hours. – Link Read more »

Steam Candle

Check out this little steam candle that spins… someone could adapt the rodent powered nightlight and make it run on steam! Link Read more »

Ultraviolet Photography

For years I’ve wanted to mess around with UV photography. Unfortunately, all the websites on DIY UV seem to assume an infinite amount of money and access to specialized equipment on my part. There are two things that I don’t like, when someone tells me I HAVE to spend a... Read more »

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