Taking apart Cube World

Wan & Carolyn write – “Here is a look inside Cube World…These are cool little cubes that are fun by themselves, but will interact when connected together! It would be great if we could figure out how to program our own graphics so we could introduce new “interactions”!!!! “ –... Read more »

OGLE Captures Texture Coords…

Warcraft virtual-worlders, this is for you…Fruminator writes – “As of OGLE 0.3b, it is possible to capture texture coordinates (UV) for vertices that have them. This is enabled by the CaptureTextureCoords flag. Coupled with the fact that GLIntercept writes out to disk images for all the texture maps, this allows... Read more »

Handy farm devices

Jack writes – “This site has all kinds of neat farm-related stuff that quickly describes how you can make all sorts of handy things.” Handy Farm Devices and How to Make Them, 1910 – Link. Read more »

Hektor – The spray painting robot

Clever design for a spray painting bot – “Hektor consists of a suitcase which contains two electric motors, a spray-can holder, toothed belts, cables, a strong battery and a circuit board which is connected to a laptop and controls the machine. The motors that are mounted onto the wall suspend... Read more »

Interactive robot art helps your self esteem

Robot gossip has a neat robot art project from Thomas Edwards – “Sycophant explores the relationship between viewers and a human-like robot. The human head is mounted on a motorized base which moves along a track. As a viewer walks by, the head follows on the track, while plying him... Read more »