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How To: Make a No-Sew Blanket with Yarn Fringe

Yarn is the perfect way to embellish just about anything. Trim a yard of micro-fiber fleece with yarn fringe for an easy and ultra soft no-sew blanket. The technique is so fast that you can spend extra time getting creative with color combinations. Try the fringe with many strands of thin yarn, a few strands of thick yarn, short fringe, or long. Use a skein of your favorite yarn, or mix it up and use your scraps. When your project is done, you can literally cozy up with yarn!



1 yard of fleece
Yarn of any kind
Scissors with a sharp point
Crochet hook


Step 1: With the scissors closed, punch holes in the fleece 1″ from the edge of the fabric, and 1″ apart. Punch them all around the perimeter of the blanket.
Step 2: Measure and cut your yarn, and group it into bundles. I used yarn 7″ long, and gathered 6 strands into every bundle of fringe.
Step 3: Push the crochet hook into the first hole. Push it up from the underside of the blanket. Fold the fringe in half, and hook it in the center.
Step 4: Pull the hooked yarn through the hole, so that just the loop of the yarn is on the underside of the fleece. Use your fingers to reach through the loop, and grab the ends of the fringe. Tug the fringe through the loop into a snug knot.
Step 5: Pull fringe through each hole, repeating Steps 3 and 4. As you work, the knotted fringe will roll the cut end of the fleece into a nice edge that has a good finished look.