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CRAFT: Super Crafty Kidz
I am not a parent, but I was a full-time nanny for 5 years. One of my favorite things was helping kids make creative and crafty gifts. All the children that I cared for loved making this Sugar Scrub. It’s the easiest thing in the world to put together, and in the end, it’s a gift for mom (or anyone!). Kids know that no one will let them eat a bowl of pure sugar, but they sure love measuring and mixing it. Imagine leaving your little ones with the sitter, some sugar, and this tutorial, and then coming home to a pile of completed holiday gifts! All I ask is that you make sure the nanny gets to take one home too!
Look for Natalie Zee Drieu’s posts later this month on more kid-friendly projects from the Klutz Natural Beauty Book.



Brown sugar I chose large crystals of dark brown sugar.
Almond oil
Mixing bowl
Jar with lid
Decorative fabric scrap


Step 1: Spoon the brown sugar into the mixing bowl. The exact measurements of each ingredient aren’t as crucial to the outcome as the final 2:1 ratio of sugar to oil. I used about 2 cups of sugar.
Step 2: Pour in the oil. Use half as much oil as sugar. I added approximately 1 cup of almond oil.
Step 3: Mix the oil and sugar together. This is the really fun part that kids can’t wait to get to! As you stir, the sugar seems to just soak up the oil. If there is too much oil, it will pool at the bottom of the bowl, and you can just add more sugar until it has been absorbed. On the other hand, if the mixture seems dry, add more almond oil.
Step 4: Spoon the sugar scrub into a glass jar.
Step 5: Wipe the edges of the jar clean and then set the decorative fabric on the flat piece of the lid. Hold down the scrap and screw on the threaded ring of the lid. Store the scrub in the refrigerator, but let it warm to room temperature before using it, otherwise, brrrrr!!! Cross someone off your list, because their gift is done!

18 thoughts on “How-To: Brown Sugar Scrub Gifts

  1. You can use this in the shower, but it’s not a bath salt that you would want to dissolve in the water. Just use it like an exfoliant and scrub with it, especially your elbows, knees and feet. It’s also nice to use just on your hands after gardening or other tough chores.

  2. Try avocado oil, or coconut oil, or even a high quality evoo (extra virgin olive oil!) If you experiment, comment back and let us know how it turned out!

  3. You can also add some showergel to the mixture. With this you have a soft skin but are not soooo oily after scrubbing you. And when you use white shugar and a colored showergel you geht some nice pastel colors.

  4. I’m having trouble finding almond oil so thanks for the info that other oils can be used. Does this need to be stored in the fridge in-between uses?

  5. Do you have any idea of the shelf life for this scrub?
    Also, instead of regular brown sugar, do you think the “Sugar In The Raw” crystals would work well?
    Thank you!

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