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Intern’s Corner: IdeaPaint — Whiteboard a Whole Wall

MAKE: Intern's Corner
Every other week, MAKE’s awesome interns tell about the projects they’re building in the Make: Labs, the trouble they’ve gotten into, and what they’ll make next.

By Ed Troxell, photo intern

I’m the photo intern at MAKE but I like to do more than just one thing, like starting my own magazine and shooting videos. A couple months ago I came across IdeaPaint in Inc. Magazine — it’s this cool paint that you can apply to any surface and turn it into a whiteboard. It comes in ten colors and can be used pretty much anywhere in your home, office, school, you name it, as long as the surface is smooth and flat. It’s great for team meetings, kids’ rooms, and brainstorming.

I sent the link over to MAKE managing editor Shawn Connally, and the next thing I know we’ve got a can of orange IdeaPaint on its way to the office for us to test out. We’re gonna make an orangeboard!

Before the package arrived I had the pleasure of talking to IdeaPaint co-founder Jeff Avallon, who gave me some insight on how to prep the wall and apply the paint, and told me that IdeaPaint has the most durable surface for dry erase that’s affordable for consumers. One thing to know, though — don’t use cleaner on the surface or it will wear it out.

Now, let’s get to painting. We tested it out here in the MAKE Labs, where interns Kris Magri and Tyler Moskowite applied IdeaPaint to a conference room wall. Instead of taking photos I decided to shoot video, which you can watch right here. (There’s a longer version on Vimeo if you want more detail.) While it’s a bit of a long process (you’re supposed to let the paint cure for 7 days before writing on it), it’s a lot of fun once you start. If you can’t find Daniel Carter, our creative director, at his desk, he’s probably in there, drawing away.