Make: Live ep05 is all about mechanics and motion! Thanks to our guests Lenore Edman, Windell Oskay, and Dustyn Roberts. If you missed a few minutes of the show, catch up on it here!

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Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – Tabletop Mechanical Pong
Lenore Edman and Windell Oskay show off their“>tabletop representation of the 1972 video game PONG. They challenged themselves to realize the properties of the game in a physical space using motors, solenoids, and other surplus parts. Also:

Dustyn Roberts – Wind Lantern
Check out our visit with mechanical engineer and teacher Dustyn Roberts. She gives us a tour of the wind lantern, a turbine-powered LED mechanism and circuit from her book Making Things Move: DIY Mechanisms for Inventors, Hobbyists, and Artists. Also:

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