Laser Engraved Hot Dog

Laser Engraved Hot Dog
Adam from X-Laser sent in this important last-minute Fourth of July tip for those of you who have laser cutters nearby at your BBQ:

We used an Epilog Helix 35W, I found that the sweet spot for hot dogs was 1200DPI, 14% speed and 100% power. We had less success rastering ground beef though, it seems to be better suited for vector engraving.

26 thoughts on “Laser Settings for Engraving Hot Dogs

  1. And what if Your so called discovery will be used from the criminals to tourcher their victims ? Have You ever think about this ?

  2. Really? Cheap ass-sausages on a BBQ? Worse yet, skinless ones? A better use for the laser cutter in conjunction with summertime foodstufs would be to have individual steaks branded with instructions for your friendly BBQuistador – Might I suggest phrases such as MEDIUM, CREMATED, BLOODY, BARELY BLUE, and STILL SQUIRMIN’?

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