Woodworking Workshop
Ten Tips for Maintaining a High Volume Shop


As part of my resident research position at ITP, I keep an eye on the shop in collaboration with our shop foreman and the student workers. While we have access to a number of great tools, our space constraints and disparate skill sets and experience can lead to quite a lot of work around the shop. The challenges here are different than those of a home workshop. With multiple users and near round-the-clock access, things like maintenance and clean-up cannot be governed by the group alone.


Eric Hagan. is a resident researcher at NYU’s ITP, and helps to oversee the day-to-day functions of the school’s workshop, which includes a full complement of woodworking tools, CNC machine, laser cutter, and 3D printer. Students at ITP come from all sorts of backgrounds, making the maintenance of the shop both challenging and engaging.