Peter Brown is back with another peculiar marriage of non-standard materials and a lathe. Last time we saw him make a very interesting ring out of colored pencils and this time he’s working with denim to make a bracelet.


At first mention, you might be envisioning some sewing of some kind but that doesn’t appear to be Peter’s style. Instead, he layers denim and laquer to create a solid chunk that he can then turn on a lathe to produce a bracelet. The video is quite fun to watch and the final bracelet has a pretty interesting look to it.


I think it is really fun to watch and learn not only what does work when dealing with these interesting materials, but also what didn’t work. Noting that the whole aluminum foil concept was a failure is something that some people would have edited out, but I really like that there’s a lesson there that I get to learn thanks to Peter figuring it out.

On the note of failure, we get a tiny update on the colored pencil rings at the end. Apparently people would like to buy them but Peter is too nice to sell rings that fall apart immediately. Good to know!