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Tablet Stand Made From A Book



People say that tablets are making books obsolete. Peter Brown has something to say about that in his latest video, where he turns his book into a tablet holder.  According to Peter, the process of gluing all the pages together to form a solid block that can be used as construction material has a name: Paper Micarta.

He painstakingly brushed epoxy on all 400 pages of this book before clamping it down to dry. The result was a solid block that could then be cut, sanded, and formed to whatever he desired. As you can see in the video below, it took a lot of epoxy and a fair amount of time as well. You can see a few more pictures and read about the process more on his site, ShopTime.

The concept of the tablet  first making the book obsolete, then giving that obsolete book a new life is pretty interesting. As Peter points out, it really is upcycling at its best.

Those 400 pages hold but a single story, and now they can upright a device capable of holding thousands of stories.
Really it’s the ultimate upcycling!

Peter is no stranger to recycling materials in interesting ways, you may remember him from this really cool ring he made from colored pencils. I can’t wait to see what comes out of Peter’s shop next.

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