If you want furniture, you might go to one of many well known stores that sells particle board items that will fall apart in a few years. If you want something better, but not too expensive, you can buy something used, or even something new that requires a bit of DIY staining and sealing. If you want the best, however, there are still people like Jermain Todd of Mwanzi Co. that can make something beautiful by hand. I’m not sure if the “maker” tatoo is necessary for the job, but it’s hard not to feature that on this site!

Great furniture starts out with great wood, and Jermain has quite a collection. As he puts it, “Each piece of wood has an amazing story,” and for better or worse there are, “some boards in here that I probably will never use because I just love how it looks.” Check out the video below to see him creating something beautiful in his shop.

Even if you have no interest in woodworking, anyone that frequents this website will probably wish they had as much space as he does to work in. That and his apparent discipline to actually keep it somewhat organized!