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DIY Industrial Christmas Ornament


Love the look of wood mixed with metal? This simple tree ornament is a great way to use up spare materials kicking around the shop.


This project can be created by makers both young and old. The wood cutting can be done with a scroll saw (for the younger, less experienced makers), or could be produced even faster with a CNC machine.

If you have access to a specialty wood store, try using different varieties of exotic wood. Don’t forget to use a finishing oil or varnish to bring out their natural colors.

To get the full tutorial on this project head over to the Sawdust and Embryos blog.

2 thoughts on “DIY Industrial Christmas Ornament

  1. Reblogged this on ARISE-TO-TRASH and commented:
    Good idea!
    Now instead of using fresh wood for the rings, why not experiment with rubber washers, vinyls, CDs, plastic, salveged leather, (painted) corrugated cardboard, gears or other disc-shaped objects?

    And for the bolts/nuts? What about pony/wooden/glass beads, pop bottle lids, pieces of cork, Barbie heads, the erasers on the ends of pencils, dried plant seeds or anything, really!

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