Building walls, forts, igloos, and other favorite snow structures just got a whole lot easier and much more impressive. This weekend, take your personal winter wonderland to a whole new level and previously unseen heights with this DIY method for making perfectly-shaped stackable snow bricks for all your cold weather construction needs!


As a kid growing up in Michigan, I always spent hour upon snowy hour outside with my trusty labrador, carefully transforming my backyard into a sparkling village of structurally sound snow forts and dog mazes. I probably spent way more time on the actual building process than I ever did playing in my creations, but that’s exactly how I liked it! I think it’s safe to assume that tiny snow perfectionist me would have loved this DIY wooden igloo block mold from Jenn at Build-Basic! (Heck, if I had a backyard, I’d even make one for grownup me!)

Perfect for building anything that requires a brick—assuming the snow is cooperating—this quick woodworking project can be completed in an afternoon plus drying time, and is sure to provide a whole winter filled with creative family-friendly fun!