Here Is the First Arduino Made on American Soil
The first Arduino Uno made in the USA.
The first Arduino Uno made in the USA. (Credit: Adafruit)

Despite the fact that most of the staff had the day off, over the Memorial Day weekend the first Arduino to be made in the U.S. was hand built by Limor Fried in the Adafruit offices in New York ahead of programming the pick n’ place machine for a full production run.


The first Uno off the production line follows just a week behind the announcement at Maker Faire Bay Area of the U.S. manufacturing partnership with Adafruit, and the launch of a new global sister brand called Genuino.


Full scale production of the Uno — as well as the rest of the core Arduino products — should begin in July, bringing to an end a period of uncertainty for American distributors. However it seems likely that the legal problems behind the recent announcements will continue for some time to come.

9 thoughts on “Here Is the First Arduino Made on American Soil

  1. I always shake my head at these entrepreneurs, they are great at entrepreneuring, but lousy at communicating. What the hell is an Ardunio? I’m an internet, OS, tech and physics guy and can easily understand what it is, but I couldn’t find on this page what this device is, what it does or it’s application. Neither in the Vid-Short was there a mention. The other half of the equation is to SELL the objects and that requires good communicators, not just fast talking and intelligent creators and workers. communication is a whole other discipline. I learned this with 20 years of door-to-door selling.

    1. The very first image in this post shows the Board – which provides plenty of info:

      Arduino Uno
      Board model
      Uno R3
      Open Source Electronics Prototyping platform

      This isn’t a product page or even a product announcement. It’s news story. Given the audience who reads this, I think there’s a reasonable expectation of context here. This is just the first Arduino Uno assembled in the US.

      For the kind of thing you’re looking for, Adafruit does a really great job of providing that information on the listing page for the Ardunio family: Explains what an Arduino is and what you can do with it.

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