I never would have thought it possible to cut through cardboard, acrylic, and even wood, with a paper wheel on a rotary tool, but it looks more viable than I imagined. In this video, JohnnyQ90 pastes two sheets of paper together and cuts them out into a small rotary tool cut-off wheel. Using it, he’s able to cut through corrugated cardboard, acrylic sheet, plastic pipe, and even a wooden dowel. You can see that the cuts are not super controlled (the paper disks being bendy), but the wheel does handle the cutting action surprisingly well. I don’t think I’ll be replacing my commercial wheels any time soon, but it’s a cool experiment.

This video was inspired by another one where a paper blade was used on a table saw. Poking around on YouTube you will find other videos of people experimenting with paper blades on other types of saws, angle grinders, and other tools.