Hacedores, the Mexico City makerspace, has recently partnered with Maker Media as part of the group’s new Hacedores Editorial program. The group is translating some of Make:’s books into Spanish.

The first of these efforts is a Spanish translation of How to Use a Breadboard, by Sean Ragan and Jody Culkin. This project has a special place in my heart because it was something that I instigated in 2012 while I was the Editorial Director of Maker Media. The book came out last year. It is a comic book-format guide to getting started in breadboard electronics with fun projects and beautiful illustrations by Jody Culkin. Here is Antonio Quirarte of Hacedores announcing the release of the Spanish edition, Cómo usar una Protoboard.


On the group’s YouTube channel, they also have project tutorials, event announcements, and coverage of maker events in Mexico, such as Arduino Day. The channel is, understandably, in Spanish. A few videos have auto-generated CC translation. You can pretty much get the gist of what’s going on through that if you don’t speak Spanish. It looks like they produce some really cool kits, like the Arduino hacker box seen in the first video below: