If you’ve used a laser cutter or cnc router more than a couple times, you’re probably already familiar with the concept of “nesting” or packing the pieces into the most efficient arrangement to reduce waste material, kind of like a fancy game of tetris.

Nesting is a feature available in many fancy software packages, but a feature often out of the reach of the hobbyist or beginner. Jack Qiao has set out to change that with  . Previously, he released a tool called SVG Nest, which we thought was pretty cool. Now he’s back with a new take on the problem . This is a piece of software that you can download and run locally, that does the nesting for you. Deepnest can handle a variety of file types, such as DXF and the usuals, but also Bitmaps.

With a new pay-what-you-want model, Jack is trusting that he’ll earn his time back on this one and I think he probably will.