If you challenged me to make a list of all the things that I’d make a bowl out of, that list would continue to grow to ridiculous lengths before I’d even begin to scratch the surface of what Peter Brown has done on his youtube channel. His latest creation packs a double punch however, not only does he start with a bizarre material, the results surprise even him.

In this instance, Peter started with charcoal. As he tends to do, he used resin as a framework in which to hold this material, resulting in a difficult to work with substance that was predominantly hard resin and sometimes soft porous charcoal. This in its own is mildly amusing, but as Peter reveals toward the end of the video, the real star of the show is the stabilizing resin that fluoresces under a black light.

The next challenge might have to be a system by which to light this thing with the proper wavelength of UV to properly display it at all times!